Wonderful News! High school is Closer to Reality!

In March of this year(2010), I travelled to Centro Chactela, Guatemala with Fr. Jose Manuel Santiago, OMI, to announce to the people, that I have rasied $20,000 to help them build the much needed high school for that area.  During that meeting, the people chose San Juan, Chactela as the community for the new school.   Since $20,000, will only cover the materials needed to construct the school, the families have agreed to provide free labour.

Plans for the new school are progressing and construction will begin later this month. It was my hope that my project would provide basic school supplies, desks and textbooks as well as the materials required to build the much needed high school.  “However, I must continue fund raising in order to provide the students with desks and textbooks.”

During my stay in Guatemala, I received an email from a senior high school in California informing me that after searching the internet for a country who is in need of school supplies, they discovered my web site and ultimately chose my project.  What a Wonderful Surprise and an answer to one of my prayers!


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