Awesome News!!!

Hip!  Hip!   Hurrah!    School number 2 is near completion!!!

On July 24, 2012, I returned to Guatemala to visit the community of Rumor de Los Encantos to see firsthand the progress of the construction of the junior high school. To my surprise it is bigger than the first school with an office added. The only thing left to be done is to finish the floor which will be done over the next few weeks. To my surprise the whole community had gathered inside to await our arrival.  The first thing I noticed was a sign thanking me and another sign welcoming me. Once inside, the festivities began. The children from the primary school had been very busy preparing a concert. What a great concert it was! It was obvious that the children and their teachers had spent many hours rehearsing. One by one, each grade either preformed a song or a dance. It certainly brought back memories of my time in the classroom. There were greetings and welcome speeches as well. The Teachers Association of this area are to be complemented on the work they have done to see that the school was built . The Teachers did present me with a request for help with purchasing ten computers for the school. (My next project!! ) The festivities concluded with Mass followed with a community lunch.